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Bocklin’s Isle of the Dead, which inspired Rachmaninov (see below)


For many people, “scary” classical music begins and ends with Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain, which was famously featured on Walt Disney’s Fantasia. However, as wonderful as this piece is (which, actually, is only half by Mussorgsky — his comrade Rimsky-Korsakov re-orchestrated/re-composed most of it), there is a long tradition of ‘horrible’ orchestral music which evokes the darker shades of life. Here’s a partial list of works which are perfect to complement not only Halloween but would do grace any horror movie or suspense film (and one is indeed from a movie soundtrack!).

Sergei Rachmaninov, The Isle of the…


Joshua Grasso

English professor at East Central University (OK); PhD from Miami University (OH); eternal student and lover of books

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